Race: Elf

Queen Luwiel

Rank: Mythic

* Attack Health Skills
0* 2 5 Range +5 Foresight Elite
1* 2 8 Range +5 Foresight Elite
2* 3 8 Range +5 Foresight Elite
3* 3 10 Range +5 Foresight Elite
4* 4 10 Range +5 Foresight Elite
5* 4 14 Range +5 Foresight Elite

Sources Edit

Deluxe Pack, Elf Pack, VIP Reward.

Strategy Edit

Queen Luwiel is one of the most dangerous cards there is. Most cards with a shorter range will not be able to lay a finger on her and instead will take damage for themselves. It is generally advised that she is dealt with direct skills instead of using cards to try to deal damage.

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