Race: Human

Rank: Legendary

Marcia must be dealt with quickly, or else she could become an enormous threat. Every time, she gains 1 attack and health, becoming stronger rapidly. Keeping a distance from the enemy makes it even more difficult to take care of her.

Her portrait guides the player through the tutorial popups.

Attack Hp Skills
0* 1 5 Momentum: ATK 1 Range +2 Elite
1* 1 9 Momentum: ATK 1 Range +2 Elite
2* 2 9 Momentum: ATK 1 Range +2 Elite
3* 2 9 Momentum: ATK 2 Range +2 Elite
4* 2 11 Momentum: ATK 2 Range +2 Elite
5* 2 11 Momentum: ATK 3 Range +2 Elite

How to Get Edit

Marcia is given to the player upon buying gold for the first time, and currently it's impossible to have more than one copy of her card.

History Edit

June 4, 2015: Marcia's Momentum N ability changed to Momentum: ATK N in preparation for Dark Lord Confrari's release.

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