Klaus Swift

Race: Beastman

Rank: Legendary

Attack Health Skills
0* 2 2 Windwalk Ambush Elite
1* 2 3 Windwalk Ambush Elite
2* 3 3 Windwalk Ambush Elite
3* 3 4 Windwalk Ambush Elite
4* 4 4 Windwalk Ambush Elite
5* 4 6 Windwalk Ambush Elite

Sources Edit

Archive Prize(160), Daily check-in reward day 30, 5000 achievement points, Deluxe Pack, Beastman Pack, Elite Stage: 13-10(Shards)

Strategy Edit

Klaus is used in a variety of decks especially Beast themed, rush, and midrange. If a lane is empty, Klaus can be 8 damage for 3 cost, and this can be further amplified by cards that further increase her attack such as General Hardy, Elf War Priest, and the Warrior's longsword. Klaus can also take care of threats by taking up quite a little space for a lot of damage and little mana.

Full Art Edit

Klaus Swift Full

History Edit

August 5, 2015: Now an Archive Prize

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