Captain Lucius

Race: Human

Rank: Legendary

Attack Hp Skills
0* 2 11 Armored 1 Life 3: Human Elite
1* 2 12 Armored 1 Life 6: Human Elite
2* 3 14 Armored 1 Life 6: Human Elite
3* 3 14 Armored 2 Life 9: Human Elite
4* 3 20 Armored 2 Life 9: Human Elite
5* 3 20 Armored 3 Life 12: Human Elite

Source Edit

Archive Prize(120), Stage: 7-8(Shards), 15-10, Standard Pack, Deluxe Pack, Human Pack, Day 7 Login Reward for new players,

Strategy Edit

Captain Lucius is mainly known for buffing all humans in the battlefield with extra lives. His armor is not always pivotal in battle. He is a very important card for human decks.

History Edit

August 5, 2015: Now an Archive Prize

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