Race: Human

Rank: Legendary

ATK HP Skills
0* 1 12 Valor 1 Whirlwind Armor piercing Elite
1* 2 14 Valor 1 Whirlwind Armor piercing Elite
2* 2 19 Valor 1 Whirlwind Armor piercing Elite
3* 2 19 Valor 2 Whirlwind Armor piercing Elite
4* 3 21 Valor 2 Whirlwind Armor piercing Elite
5* 3 21 Valor 3 Whirlwind Armor piercing Elite

Sources Edit

Archive Prize(160), Elite Stage: 7-8(Shards), Deluxe Pack, Human Pack

Strategy Edit

Annalis can be dangerous if not dealt with. Being able to attack all adjacent enemies while gaining attack each turn poses a huge threat. Armor piercing also allows each attack to successfully hit the enemy. It's a very common card to use to control the board, by damaging minions on multiple lanes.

Trivia Edit

A popular nickname for the card is "Anna", a shortening of the name.

Her art is used on the Deluxe Pack.

Annalis can be obtained as a day 2 login reward for all new users Therefore it's one of the first legendaries most non-paying users have.

She is often used as part of other promotions, making her easier than other legendaries to get to 4 and 5 star.

History Edit

August 5, 2015: Added as an Archive Prize

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