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• 7/27/2015

Dividing up Duties

So basically the wikia has now reached a level of minimal usefulness. Every page that needs to more or less exists(though there's still a lot of red links). It's mostly just me at this point. So if someone is interested in helping that hasn't yet and needs to be pointed what to do, just ask me. 
Here's a quick overview of the visual editor:
I recommend using the VIsual Editor for most edits, and the Source Editor for copying and pasting stuff you want from other pages(like tables). The Source editor can also be used for removing categories.
Talking about what needs to be done and a checklist is over on this forum page:
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• 7/7/2015

My Ranger Decklist

At all 3 star I usually beat most opponents, even if they have 4 star decks.

2x Lupe Fighter
1x Elf War Priest
2x Night Spirit
1x Zombie Scout
1x Centaur Scout
1x Dark Wizard
2x Watchtower
1x Centaur Lord
1x Priestess
1x Lupe Warrior
1x Longbow Elf
1x Champion
1x Pegasi Knight
1x Klaus Swift
1x Battle Priestess
1x Elf Conjurer
1x Cavalry
1x Elf Marksman
1x Holy Priestess
1x Deathmark
2x Quick Strike
2x Evil Plot
1x Double Strike
1x Mulligan
1x Flurry
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• 7/27/2015

What to do

-Finish Red links across the wiki
-Add 5* to all priest card tables. (Can be done visual editor, click arrows on  side of rows)
-Replace Melee category with Physical(how it's referenced in tutorial)
-Also replace Valour with Valor
-Add pages for weapons and outfits(Look at class pages for weapons
-Define abilities on category pages(AKA what does the game say this ability means when you hover over)
Any other suggesstions?
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